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Stuck on Yellow

Stop Stalling, Get Serious, and Unleash Your Productivity


Stuck on Yellow represents more than 20 years of productivity under pressure experience from Ken Okel. It features 26 chapters and every one contains easily actionable strategies.

The book is designed with the busy professional in mind. It can be read in any order. Each chapter exists independently, making Stuck On Yellow a resource that can be easily picked up and enjoyed whenever and wherever you are.

Bulk discounts are available for corporate and association clients. Those who choose the premium speaking packages can have Stuck On Yellow included as a gift for all session attendees.


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Do you remember the time when you knew exactly what to do when you were presented with a new challenge? You’re not alone if you felt overwhelmed by all the thoughts that raced through your mind.

Paralysis by possibility is real and perfectly normal. The problem is that some of us get trapped in this state of mind. You are Stuck on Yellow.

It’s like when you’re driving and you see the traffic light turn yellow. Immediately you are flooded with thoughts. Should I speed up, slow down, check for oncoming traffic, look for a police officer, see if I’m being tailgated, continue to sip my coffee, or change the radio station?

Eventually, you make a decision but it may not have been the right one. What if you found yourself constantly in that state of mind?

Competency isn’t the problem. Today we live in the Age of Competency where most people have valuable skills and talents. But they don’t know what to do when they are challenged by the uncomfortable. How you react to these problems can improve your productivity.

Boosting productivity is about changing the way you think, rather than making a list. Strategic decisions can free up your time and allow you to focus on your big picture goals. Stuck on Yellow will give you the strategies and confidence to change.

Before you flip this page, I want you to know how the structure of this book has been designed for people who live busy lives.

As an author, the last thing you ever want to see is your book being used as a paperweight on a desk. Books are meant to be read, remembered, and acted upon. Too often, they become monuments of a busy schedule.

You mean to get around to reading the book but somehow, you never find the time. I’m not immune to this syndrome!

I can’t give you more time but I can make this book as easy for you to digest as possible. It’s arranged into 26 chapters, each representing a letter of the alphabet and each built around a simple theme that can help improve your productivity.

While you are more than welcome to read the book from cover to cover, it’s not your only option. Pick a letter, read the chapter, and consider how you can put the principles into action. Rinse and repeat!

Living a life where you feel stuck is no fun. Pick a chapter, change your life.