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Ken Okel laughed years ago when a potential employer described him as being “too versatile,” to hire. Rather than run from this title, he’s embraced it.

Before audiences enjoyed Ken Okel’s leadership presentations, they watched him on the news. At several TV stations, they saw him perform as a news anchor, a reporter, a weatherman, and even a talk show host. For more than 10 years, Ken covered natural disasters, school shootings, and business breakthroughs.

From politicians to celebrities, he learned how successful people stay at the top of their professions. Ken also enjoyed fun experiences like free falling 70 feet, riding through the streets in a motorized armchair, and being attacked (safely) by a police dog.

Ken Okel then moved into the nonprofit world for several adventures. These saw him do everything from running a professional ballet company to organizing more than 100 hurricane relief volunteers. Ken realized every situation demands a high level of leadership and productivity.

Today people know Ken for his leadership presentations to companies and associations. Audiences are engaged and entertained as they receive the tools necessary to transform their professional lives. Some enjoy taking part in Ken’s famous Paper Hat Exercise.

How could Ken pass up a chance to be a part of the online world? People around the world listen to his award-winning podcast, The 2 Minute Takeaway. Ken is also know for his weekly column, The Whiner of the Week.

Ken is a Past President of the Florida Speakers Association and a member of the National Speakers Association. He’s a proud member of the Last Minute Speaker Florida Network.

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