Does Your Problem Solving Still Work?

//Does Your Problem Solving Still Work?

Does Your Problem Solving Still Work, Ken Okel, Professional Speaker in Miami Orlando Florida
When your problem solving no longer works in your business, distractions and miscommunication start to occur. You need to understand that some ideas have a lifespan and need to be updated. It may be a case of growing out of a previous solution.

In this episode of our Employee Productivity series, you’ll learn how I realized a one size fits all solution doesn’t always work. This is the kind of tip that can boost your employee engagement.

What Productivity Questions Does This Video Answer?

  • Does your problem solving still work?
  • How can we spend less time dealing with distractions?
  • When does a good idea no longer work?

Video Transcript for Does Your Problem Solving Still Work?

When you try to solve every problem the same way, some problems never get solved. In my younger days, I would take my clothes to a laundromat. It was a nice place, clean, well run and there was a chalkboard that had the laundry tip of the week.

It was all about stain removal and I noticed something. You see, the tip said, and this was in the days of powdered detergent, take some powdered detergent, mix it with water, and then apply to the stain. Then wash normally. That was the tip, okay.

But I noticed that as the weeks went by, and it was about removing chocolate, or peanut butter, or grease, whatever the stain was, the tip was always the same.

Now over time I’ve learned that, no, not all stains should be treated the same way. But at the laundromat, even though they were well intentioned, they weren’t really giving us very good advice.

In your organization, are you falling into that same trap, where you keep using a solution that has worked in the past for certain things but may not work anymore on a new challenge.

Has, for instance, the problem scaled, gotten bigger, so the previous solution just won’t work? Or is the time for some new thinking?

Look at those challenges that are just kind of lingering around, that aren’t being solved, step back, and do some original and see if you can come up with a better solution. Hey, let’s clean up your problems.

About This Video Series

Ken Okel’s ongoing Employee Productivity video series will make you more effective on the job. Every week, you’ll learn a new, easy to understand tip that you can use right away, like how automation can help your team.

Tired of a productivity problem? Let us know and we’ll feature it in an upcoming episode.

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