Trash Island is The Whiner of the Week

//Trash Island is The Whiner of the Week

Trash Island - Whiner of the Week, Ken Okel, Professional Speaker in FloridaTrash Island may not be on your radar but it’s now on the maps of environmentalists. It turns out the island, known officially as Henderson Island, is one of the most garbage filled places in the world.

Henderson is an island in the Pacific Ocean. You’ll find it roughly between New Zealand and Chile. Perhaps a better description would be to say the uninhabited island is in the middle of nowhere.

It may come as a surprise that a new study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found Trash Island receives about 3,500 pieces of garbage a day. The trash arrives via ocean currents.

It’s now estimated that Henderson Island has 38 million pieces of trash. Some of it is now anchored about four inches deep on the beach. All of this adds up to making the island the place with the highest trash density in the world.

Where has it all come from? Russia, the United States, Europe, South America, Japan, and China are apparently responsible for the mostly plastic waste.

Henderson Island has been a longtime Unesco World Heritage site due to its rare ecology that had little interference from people. That ship had now sailed, as wildlife interacts with the garbage.

While the Pacific Ocean is really big, it’s foolish to think that trash thrown into it would simply disappear. The island should not be a vacuum for garbage thrown into the water.

Hopefully, some good can come from this alarming report. Our cameras can now show the impact of careless actions taken miles away.

Pollution often comes down to the actions of the individual. People should not litter and we all share a responsibility for cleaning up other people’s mess.

I have to admit the first part is easier for me than the second but there are more benefits when both are performed. Otherwise, Trash Island may appear in your community.

Maybe it’s time to bring Ken Okel to your next meeting…

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