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We were pleased to have Ken as the keynote speaker at our annual meeting. His tips on leadership and time management were practical and his approach engaging. We’re sure our folks took something from it and look forward to revisiting Ken’s insights using the personal web area he set-up for us on his website.

Brikena Samara, Training and Sponsored Programs Director, PAX

Great first session by Ken Okel. Very interesting!

Tera Fulbright

Ken Okel – Great session today!

Matthew McGregor


Great presentation by Ken Okel!

Vicky Valdez

Enjoyed your talk this morning, Ken Okel!

Lisa Sperow

“Don’t treat people like gym members.” – @Ken Okel

Brittany Watson

Your presentation was so much fun; great stories and beautifully delivered. You are terrific!

Anita Manuel, Palm Beach Rotary Club

When Ken presents, it’s obvious he understands the way we all receive and retain information. Passionate, entertaining, engaging, and great to work with.

Katie Martell, Director of Marketing, NetProspex

Thank you for taking the time to be our presenter today. We have had a positive response. You’re a great speaker!

Office Administrator, West Palm Beach, FL Law Firm

We’re so glad that Ken was a part of our retreat. He added a lot to the event and spoke to our goals.

participant, Orlando Law Firm

It’s been more than six months since Ken spoke to our team and people are still laughing and talking about him! He’s great at mixing humor and useful info.

participant, South Carolina Utility Company

Ken’s presentations are innovative, creative, informative and engaging! You won’t be disappointed!!

Barbara Danielski, President, Danielski Consulting Group


Thank you very much for presenting to TRI SHARKS today. I enjoyed it and received great feedback!

Heath S. Eskalyo, Esq., Tri Sharks

Ken has an excellent, natural presentation style that puts people at ease. In my experience working with Ken, who delivered a presentation on multi-media marketing via an online webinar, without the benefit of seeing his audience or an audience who could see him, he was still able to convey his message in a clear and engaging manner that the virtual listeners responded extremely well to.

Andy Zimmerman, VP & GM, myBrainshark.com

I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for the OUTSTANDING presentation. I was moved beyond words. Having served in Vietnam in 1967-1968, I returned to a very hostile environment here in the US. I was spat on, called a baby killer, and my one of my best friends slammed the door in my face when I went to visit him after returning home.

They say that time heals all wounds. That might be true in most cases but not in war. Yet, you never regret that you had the opportunity to serve your country.

Thank you again for helping a Marine Veteran feel like coming home was worth it. Because there were times when I wished I had not come home at all. Keep up this kind of work. God bless you and keep up this kind of work.

Mike Harris, U.S. Marine Corps Retired

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