How To Stay Healthy at Work

//How To Stay Healthy at Work

How to Stay Healthy at Work, Ken Okel, Motivational Speaker in FloridaIf you want to stay healthy at work, then you need to think of health as part of your overall productivity at work. When you’re feeling your best, you’re able to get more work done. Your personal time is also improved because you’re not having to recover from busy work weeks.

In this episode of our Employee Productivity series, you’ll learn some easy things you can do to improve your health on the job. While I’m not medical professional, I’ve found these tips give me an edge.

What Productivity Questions Does This Video Answer?

  • How can I stay healthy at work?
  • Why do I need more sleep to be more productive at work?
  • How can I avoid germs at work?
  • How can I be better hydrated at work?

Video Transcript: How to Stay Healthy at Work

I’m not a doctor, but I have some tips for staying healthy and productive at work. We sometimes ignore the fact that our health can play a huge role in our productivity at work. Let’s go over a few things that I have found work well for me.

First one is sleep and I struggle sometimes to get the correct amount of sleep that I need. But the idea is when you are well rested, you go to the job the next day and you’re ready to perform. You don’t need five cups of coffee to get you going. By the end of the day, you’re not fading. You’re focused. You’re able to do the job at a high level. That is what sleep is all about.

The next thing I think is very important. Wash your hands. Obviously, when you’re in the bathroom, you’re going to take care of it there. But if you’re shaking a lot of hands, you’re getting ready to eat food, make sure your hands are clean.
We’re touching all sorts of surfaces at work. Some of them can contain yucky germs.

Or when you shake someone’s hand, sometimes some germs can hop on your hand later, yet touch your eye or mouth or your nose. You’ve given the germs, the nice access point to your body.

You also want to be careful with things like pens that are shared. Phones, disinfect them every once in awhile or a trick I do is I’ll have an extra pen that I’ll give someone if they asked for a pen and I may let them keep it. Or I take it back and totally disinfect it.

The final tip may surprise some. It’s drink lots of water. I’ve lived in some warm climates, so hydration was very important, but I find that when I’m drinking water and my body is fully hydrated, I perform better.

Sometimes if we’re having a lot of caffeine, perhaps some alcohol at night, we become dehydrated. So it’s important for me to make sure I’m drinking several glasses of water a day. Yes, that means a few more trips to the bathroom, but I found overall the health benefits from just drinking some water were considerable.

Try a few of these tips. See if they help.

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