Productivity Tip: How to Make Better Decisions

//Productivity Tip: How to Make Better Decisions

How to Make better decisions, Ken Okel, Ken Okel Professional Speaker In Florida Orlando Miami, Productivity tipsIf you want to make better decisions, then you may want to slow down your decision making process. A common trap for busy leaders sees them want to solve problems as fast as possible.

While this is better than ignoring problems, it can lead to long term consequences. In this episode of our Productivity Tips For Leaders series, we talk about how taking a moment or two to think through the potential consequences of an action can help you make better decisions.

Ken Okel’s ongoing Productivity at Work video series is designed to make you more effective on the job. Every week, you’ll learn a new, easy to understand tip that you can use right away.

What Productivity Questions Does This Video Answer?

  • How can I make better decisions?
  • How can I save time and money at work?
  • Why should I delegate more at work?
  • How can I work smarter?

Video Transcript

A shortcut is not a shortcut if it costs you time and money. There’s nothing wrong with making fast decisions. And I respect people want to get things off their plate as soon as possible but sometimes you need to take a moment to think things through, otherwise there could be consequences.

Let’s go into a laundry room. I want to tell you about a load of laundry that you’re doing. You’ve taken the laundry out of the washer, put the items into the dryer. You you start the dryer up, everything is going good. The clothes are just about dry.

It’s at that moment that you realize there is a sock, a wet sock from the laundry on the floor. You had dropped it when you were transferring the clothes.

You want to put that sock into the dryer, thinking well about all the closers are about dry. That wet sock will dry really fast.

No. Actually what’s gonna happen is that wet sock, when added to the dry clothes, will make all the clothes a little more wet, taking more time, taking more energy, costing you more.

Now, this is a small laundry problem but the same principle can apply to your business. When making decisions take a beat or two to think about the consequences.

Are there associated costs, staffing issues, or other problems? That beat or two can make a big difference in your productivity. Fast is good. Thorough is better.

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