Need More Time at Work?

//Need More Time at Work?

Need more time at work, Ken Okel professional speaker keynote speaker in Florida Orlando MiamiIt’s okay to have a feeling that you need more time at work. Today’s schedules are packed and there’s a good chance a few of us are overpacking them in our desire to get more work done.

That can lead to frustration and a dead end for your productivity.

In this week’s 2 Minute Takeaway Podcast, we talk about how you may accomplish more by putting less on your schedule. It’s an easy tip that you can start using right away and get more time at work.

Want some more productivity tips? Check out my ongoing productivity series on YouTube.

Want to spark your creativity? Bring the Paper Hat Exercise to your next event:

Maybe it’s time to bring Ken Okel to your next meeting…

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The 2 Minute Takeaway Podcast is designed to give you quick tips that you can use on the job or in your business right away. It’s all about making you more effective and productive at work. Author and Productivity Expert, Ken Okel, believes that our path to success is not a straight line but rather an obstacle course. How you navigate your work life will determine your success. Why not subscribe on iTunes so you’ll never miss an episode.

Every week you’ll receive a quick tip designed to change the way you deal with challenges on the job. If you enjoy the 2 Minute Takeaway Podcast, then you might also enjoy Ken Okel’s YouTube channel at: While there you can check out clips of some of his professional speaking presentations and his famous paper hat team building exercise.

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Ken Okel also speaks to smart leaders and audiences who want to improve their productivity, performance, and profitability. His productivity talks both entertain and give attendees actionable strategies that they can use as soon as they get back to their workplace. You can see several preview clips on his website.

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