Room Setup and Audio Needs

//Room Setup and Audio Needs
Room Setup and Audio Needs 2016-12-01T21:33:11+00:00

Ken can work with several room layouts. If there’s a need for a lot of audience interaction, an aisle makes things a lot easier. We can work together on the layout and make sure that people are not hiding out in the back row.

For groups over 40, Ken prefers a lavaliere/clip-on microphone. Fresh batteries insure an uninterrupted session. Ken is able to work with a handheld microphone but as it changes the way he is able to move, he appreciates knowing about it before the day of the presentation.

Ken do not requires a podium as he tends of move around a bit.

A nearby glass or bottle of water would be most appreciated.

Ken likes to get a feel for the room and check the microphone at least 30 minutes before his presentation.