How To Improve Communication With Your Team

//How To Improve Communication With Your Team

How To Improve Communication With Your Team, Ken Okel, productivity speaker
If you want to improve communication with your team, then you need to stop acting like a game show host. It’s a bad communication habit, committed by busy leaders, that sees them not give complete instructions to people.

As a result, the members of your team have to guess what you want and it’s easy to guess wrong. That produces frustration and time consuming mistakes for all.

In this episode of our Everyday Productivity series, you’ll learn how to avoid this trap, unlocking the door to getting more work done.

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  • How to improve communication with your team?
  • How to reduce mistakes at work?
  • What can I do to communicate better with employees?
  • What are productivity tips for busy leaders?

Video Transcript

Do your employees think you’re a game show host? You act like a game show host when you get your team incomplete instructions.

They want to know how to get from Point A to Point B, when it comes to a project. You, you’re all over the place. You’re adding all these details, “Oh did I tell you that this needs to be done this way. Or you should’ve done it this way. Why didn’t you think of that?”

People like clairvoyant. They won’t know what to do and they’ll become intimidated when it comes to asking you for help or more direction because it seems like you’re always making up the rules.

That’s a frustrating situation. You don’t want to be like the game show host who’s like, “Hey, do you want this? Or do you want what’s behind door number two?”

That’s not fun every day a the job. So really make sure you are giving clear directions. Think through the process. Think through the steps. Tell people what you need. Give them confidence that they can get the work done. That way everyone will be a winner.

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