Fear of Change or Fear of Progress?

//Fear of Change or Fear of Progress?

Fear of change, Ken Okel, Productivity Expert, Professional Speaker in FloridaFear of change keeps many from making necessary improvements at work. You know something isn’t working or needs to be changed. But addressing the problem means learning something new or experiencing some discomfort.

These feelings are part of a growing and successful business. Don’t think getting bigger means all problem go away. You simply get new problems. The good news is that with growth comes experience.

Think back to when you learned how to tie your shoes. You were motivated to take on this grown-up task and become more independent. It was a challenge, as your brain had to wrap itself around how to perform the act. I’m guessing you didn’t get it right the first time.

Eventually, something clicked and you learned the skill. You demonstrated adaptability and commitment. And while there was some frustration involved, you didn’t let it stop you. Today, I’m guessing, you don’t think twice about tying your shoes.

What’s the difference between a new computer system, job, or process at work and tying your shoes? They all represent a challenge and things that can produce a fear of change.

You do know that staying with the status quo won’t solve the issue that lead to the change. Fear of progress carries a big price.

In these moments, it’s good to remember when you learned to tie your shoes or mastered other processes. Think about how easy the new change will be in a year. You’ll look back and wonder what all the fuss was about.

This is important because sometimes our minds work against us and make us think the pain of learning something new, represents how you’ll always feel.

The passage of time will make you an expert. Highly productive people understand most anything new makes you experience a learning curve. Along the way, you’ll encounter a fear of change but beyond it lies mastery.

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