Does Your Boss Need a Backseat Driver?

//Does Your Boss Need a Backseat Driver?

Does Your Boss Need a Backseat Driver, Ken Okel, Motivational Speaker in FloridaWhen a leader can’t communicate effectively, it can turn your entire team into a backseat driver. Confusion leads to mistakes and other costly problems.

Maybe you’ve been in the situation where you’re driving your car and you noticed your passenger moving his or her body like a driver would. Often, this sees them pumping an invisible brake.

It’s very likely, that as the driver, you did something that made the passenger nervous. Perhaps, you took a turn at a higher than expected speed. You may have been in complete control of the car but the passenger wasn’t sure what you were doing and started to doubt your driving ability.

It’s the not knowing what’s going on that causes the problem. Before long, the passenger is making lots of preemptive driving suggestions.

Back in the office, people may feel like their boss needs a backseat driver. When instructions or goals are not clear, they get confused and anxious.

Much like a nervous passenger, they’re not focused on what they need to do. Instead, they’re questioning every move the boss makes. They’re slamming on the brakes at a green light.

This is not the environment where productivity thrives. Clear communication can reverse the trend. Consider these tips to let your backseat drivers relax:


Do people know how you like things done or is it the equivalent of a game show? You can’t blame people for wrong guesses. Typically, these misunderstandings happen at the worst time.


Is there any discussion of the big picture? If people can’t see how they fit, then how well will they support you?

A well defined goal or mission can serve as a litmus test for whether certain activities should be pursued.

Has Something Changed?

It may be necessary to make a strategic adjustment to your business. Do employees know about it?

Often, when it’s a result of bad news, the change is kept secret as long as possible. While this may be good for the ego, it’s not helpful to the bottom line.

Let people know the new direction you’re driving. Otherwise, your team will think you’re going the wrong way.

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