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Are You Ready for Opportunities?

Your productivity can be like photography in that you have a window of time, an opportunity, to get things right. Success is not about being perfect but being prepared to act when the time is right. Photography has been a … Continue reading

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A Perfectionist Under Deadline is Dangerous

A perfectionist under deadline is dangerous. I know this because at times, I can be that perfectionist and sometimes I’m under a deadline. It’s a mentally combustible situation. We all have our quirks or moments when we may be headed … Continue reading

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Episode 52: My DVR Says I’m Out of Balance

Sometimes an inanimate object can tell you a lot about your life and some potentially bad habits. In this week’s 2 Minute Takeaway Podcast, you’ll find out how a full DVR could be a warning sign of burnout. This podcast … Continue reading

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Life Lessons From A Full DVR

Some of the best life lessons can come from inanimate objects. In my case, it was from a Digital Video Recorder (also known as Tivo) that told me it was 99% full of TV programs and movies. As you might … Continue reading

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Customer Service: Does This Happen to You?

I’m not always a very patient shopper so sometimes I’ll try to use a self-checkout machine so I can make a a fast getaway.?Like any machine, they can be tempermental and when something goes wrong, I’m forced to seek out … Continue reading

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Is Procrastination Killing Your Career?

Are you an expert in procrastination? Maybe it started small, where you’d put off a couple of things that you don’t like to do. But over time, you find yourself staring at a pile of undesirable tasks that fill you … Continue reading

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Are Regrets Holding You Back?

Regrets can be like bringing a whole lot of checked luggage to a commercial airplane. The bags take up a lot of space and end up costing you a lot.?Only in this case, you’re not paying money but rather time. … Continue reading

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