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3 Business Lessons from a Dunk Tank

You can learn a lot about business from a dunk tank. You may have seen dunk tanks at fairs or fundraising events. They feature a large tank of water, where someone sits above the usually cold water on a hinged … Continue reading

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Here’s Why Your Cold Calls Fail

Poor cold calls hurt everyone’s ability to sell. Cold calls are an important tool for companies getting their product or service into new markets. But when they are done wrong, you feel like hanging up instantly and cursing the name … Continue reading

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“Does this Make Me Look Fat?” Comes to Customer Service

Some men live in terror of the moment that a woman will ask if a particular outfit makes her look fat. The question may be a fair one but its directness can lead to problems: Answering, “Yes,” is not the … Continue reading

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Feedback: A Call to Action

The conversation was unexpected: ?I don?t know how to say this but you?re slipping,? my friend told me. ?Last year, you were so much better. I don?t know what?s happened to you. You need to get your act together.? This … Continue reading

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Ken Okel’s Friday Fun – Your Most Important Thing

It’s a simple question but one that can be hard to answer. You probably know the most important thing you need to do today. So why are many not doing it? It’s easy to become distracted with things that fill … Continue reading

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What Cleopatra Taught Me About Mistakes

How do you react when a mistake happens in front of your customers? Too often, we reach for the panic button. I received a lesson in dealing with mistakes from the sixth row of a theater. At the time, I … Continue reading

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Leadership: Don’t Let Deadlines Kill You

Recently, I was asked what can be done if you have an employee who can’t meet deadlines. To further complicate the situation, you don’t have the ability to discipline or reward the employee. But their inability to get his or … Continue reading

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Fine Print Sneaky Sales Tactics: You Are the Whiner of the Week

I’m hearing way too much of the phrase, “But it’s in the fine print,” being said to customers. Fine print, which used to be the domain of legal, what ifs, has become the place where merchants hide sneaky stuff. Most … Continue reading

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