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Friday Fun: Unrealistic Deadlines

Can you get it done by yesterday is not an appropriate deadline because it is an unrealistic deadline. While this example is designed to make you smile, it’s not that far from the truth. Countless people tell me about how … Continue reading

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Desperation Produces Creativity

If you want to do good work, then you need to get desperate. Yes, living with a sense of desperation isn’t comfortable but that’s the point. I’ve learned that desperation leads to creative solutions. When I worked in TV News, … Continue reading

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Put Down the Chainsaw and Make Better Decisions

Stress and deadline pressure can make you feel that you have to make fast decisions. But are they the right decisions? Sometimes it may feel like you’re having to cut a pie with a chainsaw. That leaves you with a … Continue reading

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Leadership: Don’t Let Deadlines Kill You

Recently, I was asked what can be done if you have an employee who can’t meet deadlines. To further complicate the situation, you don’t have the ability to discipline or reward the employee. But their inability to get his or … Continue reading

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