Google’s Scott Jenson – You Are Ken Okel’s Whiner of the Week

Scott Jenson, Whiner of the Week, Ken Okel, Internet of Things Expo, Ken Okel Leadership speaker Miami Orlando Florida, Productivity tips for managersWhile this may negatively impact my search results, The Whiner of the Week award goes to Google’s Scott Jenson. Jenson reportedly made a fool of himself this week at a tech conference and went against the Google mantra, “Don’t be evil.”

Jenson works as a senior strategist with Google and apparently noticed something wrong with the agenda for the Internet of Things Expo. His problem was that he was not on it.

So Jenson took to Twitter and sent this message to the conference’s organizers: @IoTExpo2014 Is looks like you still have a speakers slot open on May 6th…. Hint… Hint…. He was then added to Tuesday’s agenda.

But when it came time for Jenson to address the conference, he reportedly decided his best move was to leave just before his session. Why? Because there were roughly 50 people in attendance.

Witnesses say Jenson told the people at the registration desk that ?I am Google. I do not speak to small groups.” This makes me believe that his departure was not due to a panic attack or a bathroom emergency.

As someone who talks at conferences and conventions, I’ve spoken before large audiences and small ones. The unspoken rule as a presenter is that you always honor the group, no matter its size. You’re not allowed to say, “Since there’s more than 1,000 people in the audience, I’ll make my talk really good but if it’s less, I’ll just phone it in.”

There could also be three people in an audience but one of them could be very important. You never know if someone will hear your message and be inspired to change the world in a big way. Instead Jenson decided that 50 people were beneath his time.

Apparently at no time did he think this might be a bad idea after he invited himself to be a presenter. Classy move!

Jenson had the chance to be gracious and give a great talk, despite his feelings about the size of the audience. Based on his background, I’m sure he had something good to share but the audience was robbed of this opportunity.

Today I wonder if you “Google” Jenson will the words, “loser” or “jerk” come up. Perhaps I’ll need to conduct the search on Yahoo or Bing.

Hopefully the organizers of the Internet of Things Expo will not be so disgusted with the experience that they stop bringing in outside speakers. If they ever need someone who can talk about how leaders can boost their productivity, then I might know just the guy…

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  • e550mercedes

    Arrogance is nothing new for Google and its employees, and Arrogance is nothing new for Google and its employees, and Scot Jenson is just one of the biggest and most arrogant of them all.

  • Good point. It’s a little surprising that the company or Jenson have made no statements about that day. I’m half waiting for the typical, “…poor reaction to antibiotics excuse.”

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