Ken Okel’s Friday Fun: Nonprofit Phrases That Should Be Banned

NonProfit Phrases that should be banned, Ken Okel, Social Media Consultant, overused words, cliches, poor nonprofit fundraising

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It began as a fun challenge: To ask people in nonprofit LinkedIn groups to take a look at the words and phrases that are used so much in the nonprofit community that they?ve lost their meaning.

I thought this search for cliches might generate a dozen entries.

Instead, the idea caught fire and I continue to receive submissions from nonprofit employees from all over the country. I?ll continue to update the graphic above.

Collecting the phrases is the first step. Now will you join me for the movement?

It?s not enough to identify these overused words. We need to stop using these phrases and get back to clear communication with our partners, our community, and our donors.

Will you join me in taking this step. Nonprofits play such an important role in our community and these causes deserve language that is clearly articulated, free of jargon, cliches, and hyperbole.

Please share your thoughts below.

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