NYU: You’re the Whiner of the Week

Ken Okel, whiner of the week, New York University, NYU, stop sending me junk mailNew York University may call itself one of the largest private universities in the United States. To me, they’re the school that sends me lots of junk mail.

I’ve never attended NYU and have never asked the school for any information. Yet several times a year, the school sends me a 150+ page course catalogue. This is a 10 by 14 inch book and I’m sure it’s not cheap to produce.

Does the school magically sense that I need education from a school that’s 1,230 miles away? Actually, all that I did was attend a free talk that someone from the school offered three years ago. In New York, you ask? No, in Florida.

The group that hosted the talk asked for everyone to fill out a registration form, which included addresses. At the time we were told this was solely for the local organization.

But a few weeks later, I received my first catalogue. I contacted the person who hosted the NYU speaker and was told that it was a mistake that my address and the addresses of others were passed along to the school. I was told that NYU had already been contacted and had removed us from their list.

Alas, this did not stop another course catalogue from arriving in my mailbox. This time, I called the school directly. I explained that I wasn’t interested in attending NYU and did not need any further course listings from them. “You’re wasting money by sending me them,” I said.

I was told the problem would be fixed. It may have been a snappy remark like, “Consider it done.” But a few months later, you guessed it, another catalogue was delivered to my home by a mail carrier who is now hunched from the weight of my home delivery.

People get very frustrated (and sometimes blog) when organizations show them poor customer service. If you’re not the person who can fix a problem, then send me to someone who can. I’ve tried to go out of my way to fix their problem.

I’m sure the school could find a better use for the money it’s spending to tell me about classes I’m not going to take.

You may be curious about the topic of the talk that started this assault on my mailbox. It was about how NYU does a great job (their words) of effective donor relations. Somewhere a shrinking forest is crying.

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