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Ken is a Past President of the Florida Speakers Association and a member of the National Speakers Association. He’s a proud member of the Last Minute Speaker Florida Network. People around the world listen to his award-winning podcast, The 2 Minute Takeaway. Ken is also know for his weekly column, The Whiner of the Week… | more about Ken

Dec, 5 2017

Don’t Keep This Secret from Your Employees

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You should think twice before you keep certain kind of secret from your employees. It’s a communication mistake leaders make when they’re busy or think revealing the secret won’t matter [...]

Dec, 4 2017

How to Prevent Workplace Fatigue

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A new study shows workplace fatigue has become a costly and growing problem for employers. The National Safety Council surveyed more than 2,000 working adults and found many perform at [...]

Dec, 1 2017

Employee Productivity Series Introduction

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The Employee Productivity series of videos are designed to help leaders maximize their team’s potential. Every week, you’ll learn a new tip that you can use right away. Employee can [...]

Nov, 29 2017

Why You Need to Review Your Business

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You need to review your business before making a big decision. The act of reviewing something, as you do with an online review, can give you important insight into potential [...]

Nov, 28 2017

How to Boost Employee Engagement

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Understanding how to boost employee engagement can open the door to increased productivity at work. But it can be a challenge to create teamwork and a positive employee culture as [...]

Nov, 27 2017

Preventing Work Schedule Stress

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Work schedule stress happens when employees don't understand the expectations of their jobs. You see this during busy times, like the holiday season, or other important times when people need [...]

Nov, 22 2017

Easy Active Listening Technique

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You've probably heard about the benefits of active listening but been unsure how to put it into practice. What if there was an easy active listening technique that could help [...]

Nov, 21 2017

How to Unplug at Work

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The ability to unplug at work can help you improve your productivity on the job. During busy times, you may need to focus on a specific problem and block out [...]