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Ken is a Past President of the Florida Speakers Association and a member of the National Speakers Association. He’s a proud member of the Last Minute Speaker Florida Network. People around the world listen to his award-winning podcast, The 2 Minute Takeaway. Ken is also know for his weekly column, The Whiner of the Week... | more about Ken
Oct, 16 2017

Delegation Tip: When to Bring in Backup

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An important delegation tip is knowing when you need to get help with your important tasks. This can be a tough decision for Type A, perfectionists, who may be reluctant [...]

Oct, 11 2017

Do You Really Have Good Quality Control?

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Good quality control comes from an ongoing commitment and not by accident. Too many leaders leave these important issues to chance, which makes the business vulnerable when something changes over [...]

Oct, 10 2017

Can Employees Find Your HR Policies?

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If your HR policies are a mystery to employees, then how can they be followed? Often, these rules are hard to find, are quietly updated, and are either kept in [...]

Oct, 9 2017

An Easy Way to Build Teamwork

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Improved communication opens to door to build teamwork. Often, as a business grows, the addition of more people leads to problems with communication. These can range from costly misunderstanding to [...]

Oct, 6 2017

How to Give Feedback to Employees

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If you understand how to give feedback to employees, then you can improve employee performance. The way you give feedback to employees can also reduce frustration for all parties. The [...]

Oct, 4 2017

Overstimulated at Work

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Feeling overstimulated at work is a common problem. It's that sense of being overwhelmed and unable to focus on your important projects. You just seem to go from one distraction [...]

Oct, 1 2017

Start Reviewing Your Business

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Reviewing your business is a smart step to take if you’re about to start doing something new and maybe something that makes you a little nervous. It’s about taking a [...]