More Tips for How to Hire Your Next Director of Communications

//More Tips for How to Hire Your Next Director of Communications

More Tips on How to Hire Your Next Director of Communications - 2 Minute Takeaway Podcast - Episode 316, Ken Okel, Professional Speaker Keynote speaker in Florida Orlando Miami, Keynote speakerLet’s continue our discussion for how to hire your next Director of Communications. It’s an important position that defines your internal and external communication.

It’s understandable if you’re not sure how to get started as the job requirements are constantly changing.

In this week’s 2 Minute Takeaway Podcast, you’ll learn important questions to ask about social media, story promotion, and the willingness to learn about new tools. The right candidate for your Director of Communications position should answer differently than the rest of the pack.

Maybe it’s time to bring Ken Okel to your next meeting…

Ken Okel Testimonials, Ken Okel, Professional Speaker in Miami Orlando Florida, productivity author and speaker

The 2 Minute Takeaway Podcast gives you quick leadership tips that you can use on the job or in your business right away. It’s all about making you more effective and productive, especially if you feel too busy at work and have a bad habit of ignoring problems.

Author and Productivity Expert, Ken Okel, believes that our path to success is not a straight line but rather an obstacle course. How you navigate your work life will determine your success. And sometimes it means knowing how to ask for help.

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If you like the way I think you also might enjoy Ken Okel’s YouTube channel. While there you can check out clips of some of his professional speaking presentations and his famous paper hat team building exercise.

About Ken Okel

Ken Okel works with leaders and organizations to boost productivity, performance, and profits. At conferences, conventions, and company meetings, he engages audiences with new ways to maximize their time at work. Sometimes it’s about knowing how to hire the right person.

To see a sample of his keynote and workshop presentations, visit:

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